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How the Enneagram Can Help Drive Collaboration in the Workplace in 2021

Learn ways to re-invigorate collaboration on teams and in organizations that are facing new workplace challenges in 2021.

Personal Effectiveness is Critical to Business Success

Many business people know a lot about finance, sales, and operations but cannot make their business profitable. So what is missing?  You need two basic things to be successful in business:

  1. Business Intelligence – You have to know the nuts and bolts about businesses and how they work.  This is the stuff you learn about in college or MBA school.
  2. Personal Effectiveness – You have to understand and manage yourself and your professional relationships well and be able to take targeted and sustained action.

Benjamin Papa, LLC has developed a unique model to optimize personal effectiveness at work that blends age-old Enneagram wisdom with a twenty-first century understanding of leadership and professional development that adeptly responds to today’s complex workplace.

Enneagram Maximum Effectiveness Model

Personal Effectiveness Includes Three Dimensions:

  • Self-Awareness (Thinking) – Knowing your core motivation and how it animates everything you do at work, as well as really understanding your true strengths and weaker areas.
  • Collaboration (Feeling) – The ability to relate well to and with other people, including critical skills such as communication, empathy, and conflict management.
  • Engagement (Doing) – The ability to be fully present, take action, and maintain the energy necessary to see projects or tasks all the way through to completion.

Depending on your Enneagram number, you will naturally be dominant in one of these three dimensions of personal effectiveness and you will also have one dimension that is hardest for you to access.  That is why knowing your Enneagram number gives you a head start toward creating a tailor-made and highly effective development path that meets you exactly where you are and gives you just what you need to be successful.