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The Enneagram

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom system that has been enhanced by twenty-first century personality theory to help people understand themselves and others in especially powerful – even lifechanging – ways.  Those insights then allow for deep and sustained professional and personal development that is directly applicable to business and organizational settings.

I appreciated Benjamin Papa’s level of knowledge and expertise about the Enneagram. I found his approach to be very helpful…Some of my insights were brand new and others strengthened areas I was already building awareness around and affirmed I was on the right path. I would eagerly participate in future Enneagram offerings.

– Tracy R., MSW

What Makes the Enneagram Unique?

The system is unique from other assessments in that the tool is measuring the client’s core internal motivation, rather than their behavior as most other leadership assessments do.  More specifically, the Enneagram teaches that every person is motivated by one of nine core motivations (hence the nine Enneagram numbers) to which the person is typically only partially conscious.  By becoming fully awake to one’s core motivation and its implications in their professional and personal lives, the client is able to “wake up” to the ways in which they have been on autopilot – seeing only part of the picture.  One’s number helps illuminate one’s core strengths that can then be fully leveraged for success as well as blind spots that can block development and success. 

How it Works on the Team Level

At the team level, when teams understand the various core motivations in the group, they better understand the dynamics at play in the team, which allows them to collaborate, communicate, and manage conflict much more effectively.

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Efficient.  Effective.  Engaging.

Some business leaders think they know their Enneagram number, but do not know what to do with it to bring real and meaningful value to their professional lives.  Unfortunately, if you search for an Enneagram Consultant the internet is full of misinformation about the Enneagram along with self-proclaimed Enneagram experts who have no real training or certification. Benjamin Papa has spent many years studying the Enneagram from top Enneagram teachers around the country.  He holds an advanced certification and professional accreditation from the International Enneagram Association (IEA) – the international flagship for professional Enneagram work.

The depth and breadth of Ben’s knowledge of the Enneagram sets him apart as an Enneagram Consultant from other leadership coaches and Enneagram teachers and gives him the ability to leverage the tool in sophisticated and nuanced ways that other coaches and consultants simply cannot do.