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How to Build a Highly Effective Leadership Team

An effective leadership team is the foundation for your business. Whether your leadership team has worked together for a long time or is brand new, it is vital to understand and see when and how you are missing each other to fully leverage what each team member can bring to the table. In fact, organizations and businesses cannot perform at a level higher than the collective effectiveness of its leadership.

What are the Steps to Creating a Strong, Effective Leadership Team?

Build Deep and Meaningful Trust

Building group self-awareness is the foundation for trust building and trusting one another is ground zero for highly effective leadership teams. The core tools we use to build powerful and nuanced self-awareness are the Enneagram and Leadership Circle Profile.  Trust creates and maintains the psychological safety for members to say what they mean and the freedom to generate new and innovative ideas for how to solve business problems. Further, groups that trust each other feel safe to navigate conflict effectively, rather than sweep tough issues under the rug, which is the default for many teams.

Collaborate Optimally

Communication sets the tone for how the business will run. As a leader, if your communication is solid, you can push your team and company to increase business performance with less confusion and effort.  Clear communication in turn is vital for solid collaboration. Collaboration and creativity are two essential elements to push your team and business forward.

Create Cultures that Inspire Creativity and Engagement

Trust and collaboration on the leadership team is the springboard for creating and sustaining cultures where employees feel engaged and creative.  Work feels like a place where people come together to live into an inspirational vision for what they can do in the world as a company and the employees see clearly where they fit.  Engaged employees are more productive and stay with the company longer, reducing costly and disruptive employee turnover. Creative and engaged cultures, in turn, are fertile ground for effective teams in all functional areas of the business so that everyone in the organization is aligned behind the company’s mission in meaningful and compelling ways. 

How Can Benjamin Papa Help Me Create a Highly Effective Team?

We offer a variety of workshops and team coaching programs designed to build leadership capacities that support leaders as they navigate increased complexity and competition. Contact us at ben@benjaminpapa.com to schedule a free strategy session to discuss how we can partner with you to improve business performance by optimizing leadership effectiveness.