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Benjamin Papa provides leadership coaching for individuals and teams. Ideal coaching scenarios include the following:

  • Sorting through difficult or confusing situations
  • Improving communication and having difficult conversations
  • Aligning leadership teams
  • Finding effective ways to work with difficult people
  • Pushing through fear of conflict and managing it well
  • Strengthening professional relationships
  • Managing work stress and experiencing greater professional fulfillment
  • Shifting corporate culture and increasing employee engagement

Adapted from Coach the Person, Not the Problem by Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D., MCC.  Used with permission of the author.

Team Coaching

An often-untapped catalyst for business success is the collective knowledge and wisdom of teams, especially leadership teams.  But truly working well together can be elusive, and many teams end up settling for mediocrity – or worse.  The missing ingredients related to maximizing group and team effectiveness are often related to communication, collaboration, and conflict management.

“I have been part of many small and medium sized groups throughout my career, and I would state emphatically that Benjamin Papa has the highest level of skill when it comes to keeping groups focused. In the midst of conflict, Ben is able to assess the heart of the problem and creatively offer practical solutions… Ben is truly gifted at the art of communication, and his calm, thoughtful presence helps others to express themselves in kind.”

– Lisa Forberg, Attorney

Team coaching is invaluable in helping teams (especially teams who have worked together for a long time or are new to working together) clearly see when and how they are missing each other and how to fully leverage what each individual member of the team brings to the organization so that everyone can flourish.  We help teams have difficult conversations that can clear the air for new and dynamic work together.

In addition to the Enneagram, we use a variety of tools specifically focused on helping teams flourish, including Patrick’s Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, to help teams understand themselves and function optimally.  Starting from a foundation of collective self-awareness and trust, Ben helps the team engage in creative and healthy conflict, plan, align, and innovate, all of which improve business performance, even in the midst of today’s complex and ever-changing environment. 

“Effective Collective Leadership is your [team’s] one competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.”

– Dave Schrader, Ph.D.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching provides a private and creative space for clients to learn about and process their professional and personal effectiveness with a trained and trusted coach who can be a sounding board, accountability partner, and collaborator around what is working and needs to be more fully leveraged, what needs to improve, and how to take targeted action accordingly. 

“I’ve had to good fortune to work with Ben individually and in a group setting – both amazing experiences. My one-on-one coaching with him…has been transformative…Based upon my coaching experience I invited Ben to facilitate our…board of directors’ annual retreat and strategic planning meeting. By the end of the day we all came away with a clear understanding of our individual and collective strengths (as well as our blind spots), and more deeply connected with one another…Ben’s approach is calm, supportive, knowledgeable, humorous (right when it’s needed!), and insightful. I highly recommend him for both coaching and group leadership facilitation.”

– Sara Skillen, COC, CPO, Owner of SkillSet Organizing

Benjamin Papa starts the coaching relationship by having clients complete assessments so that the coaching can be tailored to their unique style and needs.  Depending on the situation, the assessments can include:

  1. Enneagram – measures core internal motivation
  2. Hogan – measures how other people experience the client based on the client’s behavior at work and elsewhere
  3. Leadership Circle Profile – A 360 degree assessment that helps leaders see how others on their team and otherwise in their orbit at work are experiencing their leadership strengths and blind spots
  4. Interviews – We sometimes interview colleagues, direct reports, and others in the organization to hear directly their experience of the client, giving them very targeted data to use in the coaching process.

This type of individually curated assessment process allows the client and coach to work together to articulate a focus for the coaching that will make a lasting difference in their effectiveness at work, and their professional success more generally.

From there, coaching is an active, dynamic, and iterative process that typically lasts six months.  Ben walks alongside the client as he or she develops new perspectives and deeper capacities.  Drawing from both cutting edge neuroscientific research and the best thinking in leadership development, Ben supports leaders in learning to consistently access all three intelligence centers available to them – thinking, feeling, and doing – in a synergistic and productive way that allows business leaders to implement real and lasting change in their lives.  In short, coaching closes the critical gap between the leader knowing what needs to be done, and actually doing what needs to be done in an effective and lasting way.

“Ben is a great communicator with a unique ability to connect with his clients on an empathetic level…I would highly recommend Ben and you will be rewarded with a very positive experience”

– Scott Womack, Sr. Vice President, Mercer Capital