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Maximize Your Business Performance by Optimizing the Effectiveness of Your Company’s Leaders

Leadership Effectiveness is a primary contributor to business performance.  In fact, in an analysis of 2100 businesses (as of 2016; the database is much larger now) the Full Circle Leadership Group found that:

“if you can improve leadership effectiveness, you have a 38% probability of seeing that improvement translate into higher business performance.”  

Full Circle Leadership Group

As companies think about meeting their 2022 business performance goals, they are likely thinking about tactical/ operational issues like increasing market share, streamlining supply chains, and minimizing costs.  While those sorts of nuts-and-bolts issues are important, they are only half of the conversation.  The other half – and what separates a good performance from breakthrough performance – is all about organizational health.   The foundation of organizational health is solid leadership, both individually and collectively as a leadership team.  

What are the Five Overarching Competencies That Leaders Must Maximize to Increase Business Performance?

Drawing from dozens of nationally and internationally prominent leadership development frameworks and then testing them through rigorous research processes, Full Circle Group has identified five evidence-based overarching competencies that leaders must maximize to be effective and therefore increase business performance:

  1. Relating:  Connecting with others in a way that engages and brings out the best in individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole
  1. Self-Awareness:  Orientation to professional and personal development, characterized by knowing and fully leveraging one’s true strengths, and mindfully navigating around blind spots and weaker areas
  1. Authenticity:  Relating to others in an honest, genuine, and high integrity way; meaning what they say and saying what they mean
  1. Systems Awareness:  Focus on whole system improvement, productivity, and welfare; seeing the connections between people and teams and systems
  1. Achieving:  Setting and decisively maintaining a vision that is inspiring and connected to business results 

How Can Benjamin Papa, LLC, Help Optimize the Effectiveness of My Company’s Leadership to Improve Business Performance? 

Benjamin Papa is a leadership consultant certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, which is the 360 assessment that measures these dimensions in a sophisticated, but highly practical and applicable way.  Leaders at all levels of business can benefit from knowing where they stand on these competencies. This is both from their own perspective, as well as the perspective of their boss, peers, direct reports, and others.  From there, HR and other leaders can use the data to tailor the company’s leadership development work for 2022 so that it meets the organization’s leaders exactly where they are, building workshops and coaching programs designed to develop leaders in areas where they have the biggest gaps and ensure that they are fully leveraging their strengths.

Email us at ben@benjaminpapa.com to schedule a free strategy session! Learn how we can help your company use leadership development as a core tool to increase business performance in 2022. Benjamin Papa is here to help you succeed! To learn more, read about our leadership coaching services, executive training workshops, and organizational team building. Start learning today!