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Interpersonal and group conflict is often a pain point for business leaders.  Sometimes that is because there is active conflict at play among leaders or within the organization more generally that needs to be addressed in a thoughtful and healthy way that leads to improved relationships and more time being spent on productive business issues. 

“Ben’s ability to work through conflict to reach durable solutions, even in highly-charged situations, is second to none. I have witnessed his extraordinary skill in crafting creative solutions to complicated problems over and over. I strongly recommend Ben.”

– Caroline Beauchamp, Attorney

Other times interpersonal conflict between one or two leaders causes an ongoing distraction for the organization and results in siloing where those working for one leader do things that leader’s way while those working for the second leader following that leader’s lead.  Collaboration and efficient workflow suffer greatly when there is conflict at the top of the organization. 

Finally, sometimes the issue is that there are difficult conversations that the leaders know need to happen for the good of the business, but they are worried about what might happen if they open what feels like Pandora’s box and they simply don’t know where to begin, and so keep sweeping the conflict under the rug, despite the financial detriment the conflict avoidance causes the organization.

“Ben has the ability to make everybody in the room feel psychologically safe, while hearing what they need to hear. He’s confident, and also able to shift nicely according to group dynamics, to keep us all on track. But at the same time, if things go in a different direction he’s able to shift and be flexible.”

– Sara Skillen, COC, CPO

All of these situations can harm the culture of an organization, leading to confusion and miscommunication, reduced employee engagement, and costly employee turnover.  Benjamin Papa has helped hundreds of clients resolve thousands of disputes for more than twenty years as both an attorney and a mediator.  His clients and colleagues have frequently noted how he was able to help clients reach resolution in highly emotional and complicated situations that everyone else involved thought were impossible to resolve.

Mediation Services Include:

  •             Mediating disputes between individual leaders or others in the organization
  •             Working through conflict on leadership and other teams
  •             Assessing and helping resolve organization-wide conflict
  •             Shifting organizational cultures that inadvertently cause and support unhealthy conflict