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Team Coaching

“The collective intelligence and performance of most groups is well below the average intelligence and performance of the members.”

– Peter Senge

Team Coaching helps leadership and other intact teams tap into elusive collective leadership effectiveness and synergy that arises when smart people come together.  Coaching helps your team avoid the default tendency of teams to “dumb down” when they come together.

Team Coaching helps your team:

  • Collaborate optimally
  • Manage conflict between individuals and in groups
  • Build deep and meaningful trust
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Create and sustain cultures that inspire creativity and engagement

“Effective Collective Leadership is your [team’s] one competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.”

– Dave Schrader, Ph.D.

Collaboration Drives Results.

High-functioning teams, especially leadership teams, are the powerhouse of any healthy business or organization.  An often-untapped catalyst for business success is the collective knowledge and wisdom of teams.  Truly working well together can be tough, and many teams end up settling for mediocrity – or worse.  The missing ingredients related to maximizing team effectiveness are often related to the collective self-awareness of the group, collaboration, and coordinated action.

Team coaching is invaluable in helping teams (especially teams who have worked together for a long time or are new to working together) clearly see when and how you are missing each other and how to fully leverage what each individual member of the team brings to the organization.  Team Coaching helps teams build and sustain strong relationships, live into a compelling shared vision, and have difficult conversations that clear the air for new and dynamic work together.  All of this will improve your business performance, especially in today’s complex and ever-changing environment.

“When executives in high-tech firms had working relationships with their direct reports characterized by greater shared vision, compassion, and relational energy, their units produced more product innovations than their competition.”

(Study by L. Kendall of Case Western Reserve University, 2016)

Manage Conflict Creatively and Effectively.

Interpersonal and group conflict is often a pain point for teams and organizations.  Sometimes that is because there is conflict at play among leaders or within the organization that needs to be addressed in a healthy way to improve relationships and refocus the company on productive business issues.

Other times conflict between one or two leaders causes an ongoing distraction for the organization and results in confusion, where those working for one leader do things that leader’s way while those working for a second leader following that leader’s lead.  Collaboration and efficient workflow suffer.

Finally, sometimes there are difficult conversations you know need to happen for the good of the business, but you are worried about what might happen if you open Pandora’s box, and you simply don’t know where to begin.  You keep sweeping the conflict under the rug, despite the financial detriment to the organization.

All of these situations harm the culture of an organization, leading to confusion and miscommunication, reduced employee engagement, and costly employee turnover.  Ben Papa has helped hundreds of clients resolve thousands of disputes for more than twenty years.  His clients and colleagues have frequently noted how he was able to help reach resolution in highly emotional and complicated situations that everyone else thought were impossible to resolve.

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