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What Is The Leadership Circle Profile?

         At Benjamin Papa, LLC, we use a small handful of high-quality and practical assessments with our business leader clients to get a baseline for our work with you.  That allows us to tailor our coaching and workshop facilitation to your or your organization’s specific leadership development needs.  The 360 assessment we use is the Leadership Circle Profile. 


         We chose this option because over 3 million raters have evaluated more than 200,000 business and organizational leaders using the Leadership Circle Profile. The Institute for Psychological Research and Application (IPRA) confirms that “The Leadership Circle Profile is an internally consistent, valid measure for leadership development through rigorous statistical and methodological analyses. The psychometric properties of Leadership Circle Profile are strong.”

How it Works

         360 assessments provide leaders with important data you cannot get any other way.  You, as the leader, complete a self-evaluation and identify strategic people in your circle to also evaluate your leadership.  Individuals who rate the leader typically include:

  • 4-5 Direct Reports
  • 4-5 Peers
  • Boss (if applicable)
  • Boss’ Boss (if applicable)
  • 1-2 Others who know them well (ex. ongoing client, member of the board of  directors)

What You Learn

         The Leadership Circle Profile is especially helpful because it operates from the Universal Model of Leadership that integrates the best learning from dozens of well-known and highly respected leadership development systems/ theories, including Immunity to Change, Systems Thinking, Creative/ Reactive Orientations, and the Enneagram (link). 

         Your report will show how you score across six creative leadership competencies, as well as the three reactive tendencies that regularly get in your way.  You will see interesting differences between how you see yourself and how your evaluators see you.  Built into the LCP reporting structure are targeted directions to increase your leadership effectiveness and, therefore, your business success. 

         At Benjamin Papa, LLC, we then debrief your results with you and strategize your next steps, which might include Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, or Workshop Facilitation.  Email us at ben@benjaminpapa.com to discuss how the Leadership Circle Profile can help you and your team excel.